Raili Nolvak at Moda Russa in Milano

Womenswear brand Raili Nolvak was selected by jury to participate in the final of the 8th season of Festival of Russian Fashion, which took part on November 24-25 in Milan.

Raili Nolvak creates sophisticated, yet functional everyday garments for women. Clothing modelled by hand, with strong focus on selfdesigned details and finish.

Women's wear brand Raili Nolvak continues to strike balance between commercial and conceptual, classic and avant-garde. The concept is to unite diverse influences in order to create a collection that is complex but balanced.

Raili Nolvak's unique clothing is in strictly limited editions. All pieces are manufactured in Estonia.

Inspiration for the season AW 2017/18 collection comes from different shapes, forms and structures occurring in nature. By means of the fabric, wave-washed beaches, water-ripples are interpreted to fine falling pleats in garments. Balanced by strict, sharp, wide folds in other garments.

The colour scheme is subtle and restrained. The basic shades of grey and black are complemented by olive green and bordeaux.

Inspiration for colourscheme and fabric structures comes from shades and surfaces of grey stones and rocks.

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